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C&C 35 Rod-Wire Conversion

My first re-rig with Rogue Rigging started with a challenge. The boat needed new standing rigging. The exisiting rig was rod rigging, from its previous life as a race boat. The new owners just want to day sail the boat and figured the rod was overkill for what they wanted to do. So I took on the challenge of converting the mast from rod rigging to wire rigging.

After consulting local mast building legend Buzz Ballenger of Ballenger Spars. I was able to come up with the load calculations which enabled me to redesign the mast for wire. Once proper wire and pin sizes where determined I then went about building the new rig.

The original Rod Fittings on mast before I removed them.

The new mast tangs, thru-bolts and custom machined compression posts. The compression post had to take up the space of the original rod fittings as well accomodate the proper thru-bolts.

After a good coating of Tef-Gel the compression tubes and bolts were installed.

The end result, new mast tangs ready for the new wire standing rigging.

Oh yeah did I mention, the conversion to wire from rod saved the customer $4000. Yes rod is that much more expensive than wire.


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