The Large Rogue Lazy Jack Kit is perfect for boats 30'-40'

Rogue Rigging has refined this design over the years to give you a minmal presenceand with ease of use. They are retractable for sailing and stowing so you dont have to recut your sail cover. 

It consists of two seperate halyards made out of 1/4" white polyester line with cleats that get mounted at the gooseneck. From the halyard there are two cascading purchases made of 1/8" dyneema. The kit comes with two 29mm Harken Carbo blocks for mounting to the mast or spreders for the halyards. and each cascade has a Ronstan Low Friction Ring spliced in. All mounting harware included. 

Large Rogue Lazy Jacks

  • No returns on cut lengths or custom splicing.